The mission of Solaire is to create a truly great label and community for classical music. Founded by a team of producers, music writers and industry experts with decades of combined experience, we focus on high-quality recordings with in-depth liner notes and exquisite packaging.

We aim at original, daring and truly exciting interpretations. Solaire will be run in close collaboration with the artists, making each album as personal as possible.

As part of a creative network, we intend to make effective use of the possibilities of the 21st century in terms of technology and promotion. The point is not to re-invent the label concept from scratch. But to re-invigorate it and inject it with both palpable enthusiasm and professionalism.

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  • Giacomo Bruzzo

    received the recordings, very nice packaging.

    Well Done, look forward to absorbing all of this very interestingly curated material.

    My warmest regards

    Giacomo Bruzzo


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