Jeffrey Roden

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Jeffrey Roden spent twenty years as a professional bass player in a variety of genres and settings. During this time, he acquired the skill to master his instrument through private study with both Ray Siegel and Joseph Valenti. The range of his professional life extended from some of the pioneers of early rock and roll music, such as Bo Didley and Big Jay McNeely, to sophisticated productions including Moulin Rouge and other large-scale stage shows.

At a certain point it became clear that his goal of creating great music could only come from the creation of a body of work for the bass that allowed the bass to exist and speak as a solo instrument of beauty. This resulted in five CDs for the solo bass. This music has been programmed nationally and internationally on over 100 radio stations including KCRW in Los Angeles, WNYC in New York and BBC in England. In 2007, with the release of the CD titled The Seeds of Happiness on the New Albion record label, followed by a performance at Bard College in 2009 as part of the New Albion festival and a performance of work for solo piano at the Stone in New York in 2011, Jeffrey Roden was established both as a musician and composer.

Jeffrey Roden has received two Subito grants from the American Composers Forum. His work is an integral part of the NEA program titled the Big Read which serves as a guide to encourage students to read great books of literature.

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