Giacomo Puccini: Complete Piano Works and Selected Opera Transcriptions

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  1. Adagio in A major Sandro Ivo Bartoli 2:50
  2. Piccolo Valzer: Lento molto Sandro Ivo Bartoli 4:14
  3. Pezzo per Pianoforte: Calmo e molto lento Sandro Ivo Bartoli 1:51
  4. Tosca: Atto II, Aria "Vissi d'arte" Sandro Ivo Bartoli 3:16
  5. Le Villi: Atto I, Preludio Sandro Ivo Bartoli 3:21
  6. Madama Butterfly: Atto II, Coro a bocca chiusa Sandro Ivo Bartoli 3:12

Messenger Newspaper | Kevin Bryan – April 2018
“Bartoli’s interpretations combine sensitivity and passion in near perfect proportions and should be required listening for anyone who feels the urge to explore this almost forgotten fragment of Puccini’s repertoire.”

MusicWeb-International | Nick Barnard – February 2018
“Pianist Sandro Ivo Bartoli plays it with real sensitivity and engagement.”

textura | Ron Schepper – January 2018
“Bartoli imbues the delicate material with such heartfelt expression. He’s an ideal candidate to interpret these works.”

Voix-des-artes | Joseph A. Newsome – January 2018
“No words are spoken here, but Puccini speaks as clearly in the performances on this disc as he did in Columbia’s studio more than a century ago. With his playing, Sandro Ivo Bartoli translates Puccini’s discourse into language that all hearers can understand.”

iClassical – December 2017
“This CD contains some unjustly neglected pieces that deserve to be more widely heard and this is just the performance to help them gain wider acknowledgement. Sandro Ivo Bartoli and Solaire Records are to be heartily congratulated for committing these works to disk. Reviewing this album has been an unexpected pleasure.”

MusicWeb-International | Dominy Clements – December 2017
“Good music should sound good on virtually any instrument, and the case is proven here. If you are unmoved by the big tune of ‘Vissi d’arte’ from Tosca, supported by gorgeously established accompanying harmonies bathed with sustaining pedal, then your soul needs a recharge.”

Musique classique & Co. | Thierry Vagne – November 2017
“Un grand artiste! Tout son jeu tend vers un maximum d’affect mais sans jamais l’ombre d’un effet, alors que cette musique aurait pu l’y inciter… C’est incompréhensible qu’un pianiste de ce niveau ne soit quasiment jamais invité en France et l’inverse est bien sûr vrai.”


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